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Big-data analytics for Telecom & IT


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What is SpikeFli?

Big-data Analytics for Telecom and Information Technology 

SpikeFli is one that originated in the Telecom Expense Management (TEM) space, in order to aid in the service of their clients; reduce technical HR requirements, and scale the business. It’s reach now includes Information Technology.

SpikeFli reads raw data files provided by the vendors through their online client portals. It analyzes that data for presentation to the reader in easy to read charts, grids and ready-to-print reports & presentations.


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Eliminate the long hours that go into managing large amounts data that typically comes with managing telecommunications & IT assets. One, easy to use platform that gives you back your time, and money.  

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Telecom and IT Asset & Expense

Management Made Easy 

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No more paper bills!

All vendors have their own platforms, and billing formats. Making it impossible to truly understand where your companies dollars are going, and why.

That changes today.


SMB to Enterprise

Whether your company has 100 telecom & IT vendor assets, or 10,000. SpikeFli will report, explain, manage & forecast your telecom & IT related products and services. Eliminating the time and resources that go into sourcing, analyzing and presenting all the facts.


Instant Budget Planning & AP Management....

Budget planning and invoice payment processing has never been so easy. Know instantly what your monthly, quarterly and yearly telecom & IT costs are. Streamline invoice payments...all invoices and accounts in ONE place and in one consistent billing format.


Get CONTROL......

using big-data analytics that drive real change focused on cost reduction and internal efficiencies for Telecom & IT.