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Property Management

Property Management Services

Telecom Vendor Support Services & Technology

Property Management companies have unique needs when it comes to the management and support of telecommunications. Both for its employees, and its tenants. Aside from traditional telecom products there’s Elevators, Intercoms, Fire Alarms, Hydro-meters to also think about. SpikeFli understands the extensive in-house resources required (IT, AP, Finance, Procurement etc.) to manage the often complex and time consuming activities that go into telecommunications assets across all your properties, with all your vendors.

help desk support

Your employees first point of contact on all telecom related matters. Procurement, technical support, transfer of ownership, contract negotiations, etc. The team can now focus on the business instead of the phone companies business.

ANALYTICS & reporting

Instant insight into the who, what, when, where and why related to telecommunications spend. All telecom vendors billing data in one convenient platform, for all your properties. Eliminate the guess work in telecom.

Accounts Payable

Automate the accounts payable process in one convenient system. Eliminate in-house processing costs with SpikeFli’s digital mail-room and late payment fees. Enhance vendor relations with all your telecom vendors.