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TEMs, Telecom Dealers, IT/IS Service Companies –

Increase Service Offerings & Client Loyalty

Analyzing vendor/telecom vendors and their billing for clients has never been more time consuming or complex. For those providing vendor management services (I.e.: TEMs), the margins can get slim anddifficult to scale using traditional spreadsheets. There’s also fierce competition in the Enterprise Information Management (EIM) industry.

Is your company proving an ROI to its clients every single month? How much work are you doing to prove that?

Effortless Expense Reports & Analytics

Standout sales tool. Instant, presentation-ready reports. Benchmark tracking and so much more.

Achieve higher margins and more loyal customers


vendor Billing Answers in Minutes

How does this month’s bill compare to others? Across multiple carriers/vendors/telecom services (wireless, wireline, VOIP, conferencing, satellite, cable etc.). See exactly where your clients are spending their dollars and understand usage trends over time. Know instantly where to focus attention to reduce telecom costs, quickly (I.e.: No-Usage, High-Usage, Top-Users etc.).


Easy Device/Asset Management

What devices/assets do clients have in use, or not in use? Never lose sight of costs or obsolete devices. Know instantly what's happening with any devices/assets, at any time. How much does your client spends on Aircards?  How many iPads have been deployed to the field? Know with just one or two clicks of a mouse.


Ready Reports - Spot Savings Instantly

How should we reduce next year’s costs? Help clients predict and reduce their costs for the next month and quarter. See trends and expenses over time and identify how to solve spending issues. Control the quality of the presentations.  Ensure the accuracy of the data.  Prove your ROI to your clients.