SpikeFli Analytics
Big-data analytics for Telecom & IT


Technology to Get Control


Charts, graphs & more to

reduce costs & drive efficiencies

SpikeFli is one centralized reporting platform for ALL your companies telecom & IT vendors.  


dashboards & analytics

Print ready reports for all telecom & IT vendors.  Focused on areas that are traditionally challenging to manage.  Quickly identify spikes in spending. Take the guess work out of exactly how much money is being spent month over month and year over year.  Not to mention eliminating dependence on the vendors for all the facts related to your companies telecom & IT budgets.  

  • Detailed insight for budget planning and management
  • Month or over month/year over year comparisons
  • Average cost per asset/ Line increase/decreases, spending trends
  • Yearly tracking of usage (I.e.: roaming, data usage, long distance etc.)
  • Organization reporting (reporting based on companies org. chart structure)


Managing large amounts of assets related to telecom & IT is no easy task.  SpikeFli users know exactly how much their spending on any particular technology, instantly.  

  • Device and service contract reports
  • Asset location mapping
  • Asset spend & usage (high, low, zero etc.)
  • Historical activity and device tracking
  • Plus much more

SpikeFli Mapping: Telecom & IT spend data based on location.  Know instantly how who, what and how much is being spent at each one of your locations.

Orag Chart.png


Detailed reports and organizational strutcure reporting that highlights each and every costs associated with telecom & IT spend.

Want to know exactly which area of the business are driving costs? Or maybe which departments cost reduction efforts are having the most impact?  Org. chart reporting allows CIOs & CFOs to know instantly whats going on, in the telecom &IT areas of their business. 

If cost control is important to your company, having instant insight into each area of your businesses spend is paramount. 



Telecom & IT service management through one cloud based platform.  Align Telecom & IT services with business reporting technology.  

  • Service ticket submission & tracking
  • Historical billing data
  • PDF Print ready 
  • Accessible from PC or Smartphone
  • Visual ques throughout to eliminate the guesswork that goes into Telecom & IT management (I.e.: Product type, vendor, roaming, new unit etc.)