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CCC Terms & Conditions


CCC Terms and Conditions

Please review the terms listed, and acknowledge acceptance in your submitted application form.

Last updated: September 24rth, 2019 

SpikeFli is pleased to offer a program which allows Consumers’ to take part in our wholly managed wireless services solution, based on the following terms & conditions: 

  1. Applicants are accepted into the program at SpikeFli’s sole discretion.

  2. Applicants understand that they are paying for a FULLY MANGED MOBILITY SERVICE PROGRAM. 

  3. A copy of current billing is required to apply. Please forward to info@spikefli.com or ensure online access is provided.

  4. Data usage/required features/hardware is assessed, and the user is placed on the appropriate plan that will satisfy their historical data requirement. 

  5. Available data packages may include 3,5,7 and 10gbs (depending on carrier). 

  6. Additional data may be added to packages in consultation with the user. 

  7. Users participate in a larger pool of data and are often able to insulate each other from data overages that would have otherwise occurred. 

  8. Users/clients whose usage exceeds their individual allotment for 3 months consecutively will be required to upgrade their data plan to accommodate the increase. Users will be notified of any changes.

  9. Any associated plan change fees will be the responsibility of the user/client. 

  10. Participation will likely require a change in carrier, though some exceptions may apply. 

  11. Carrier termination fees remain the responsibility of the user/client. 

  12. Any activation charges are the responsibility of the user and will be billed at $1/month for the duration of term. 

  13. The user/client will receive 50% of any port credit received from the carrier as an SpikeFli bill credit, to a maximum of $200 unless otherwise stated. 

  14. Port credits are offered with a 36-month commitment (including BYOD plans). 

  15. The account is managed as a whole by SpikeFli, and the client/group administrator receives a monthly bill which includes a line by line summary of charges (wireless service/account management/usage charges/accessories). Paid by credit card (no exceptions). 

  16. Monthly charges include the following: $10 managed service fee per voice/data line, $5 per additional line (smartwatch/tablet/hub), as well as a 3% credit card processing fee. (an additional port fee may be charged for those users remaining with their existing carrier).

  17. SpikeFli quotes are based on current market offerings on a case by case basis. 

  18. All procurement/travel requests/activations/cancellations are to be forwarded to info@spikefli.com. 

  19. Hardware procurement will be managed/negotiated by SpikeFli; with all associated charges billed directly to the client’s credit card (at the time of purchase or when carrier billing is received). 

  20. Negotiation could include the ‘sale’ of an available early upgrade from one user in the group to another. 

  21. SpikeFli will provide access to our technology platform for your group administrator which allows you to view information related only those lines in your group (user/device inventory/usage/billing/ analytics etc).  Call/event detail is not included/accessible except in rare circumstances. 

  22. SpikeFli makes every effort to ensure that no overage occurs on the account and that appropriate top ups are added if needed. 

  23. Should a data top up/overage occur, it will be billed proportionately to those users responsible for that overage. 

  24. As real time data is not currently available users are expected to monitor their individual usage independently (the Traffic Monitor app is recommended by SpikeFli as it can track usage and provide daily notifications). 

  25. Users are responsible for immediate payment of all billed charges regardless of any expected credit.  Any credits received would be reflected in the month in which they’re received. 

  26. 3 consecutive delinquent payments will result in your group being asked to leave the Cooperative. 

  27. Your group shall be responsible for any termination fees that result of the early departure .

    Bills are reviewed/optimized monthly; and users notified of any changes made on their behalf. 

  28. Users are able to depart the CCC at any time:   

  29. Departing from the account will result in an immediate credit card charge of the sum of ALL activation claw back/early termination fees charged to the SpikeFli accounts  

  30. Accessories may be procured at a substantial discount (average discount of 25%). Participants may browse our distributor site www.hitfar.com with retail pricing and request an estimate from SpikeFli. Orders are placed as a service request and billed on regular monthly billing. Shipping charges will be waived on orders over $100.00

  31. SpikeFli will offer a minimum $20 bill credit for each line added to the account by referral from a current user. 

  32. AppleCare is not included in any pricing. However, it may be requested by any individual user at time of purchase.  

  33. It is understood that the Terms & Conditions will be updated periodically as Jan makes more rules!