SpikeFli Introduces Visual Mapping Feature

SpikeFli Introduces Visual Mapping Feature

SpikeFli ExpertJan. 3, 2018

Does your business service clients/employees in multiple locations? When your client base spreads across the map, so do your assets and all of corresponding costs. Growth and expansion in business is an exciting time, but with that also comes the reality of tracking your assets across a larger area. This can be a daunting and sometimes overwhelming task.

SpikeFli Analytics is excited to announce a valuable new tool to help you streamline this process. The SpikeFli Mapping Feature is breakthrough technology in big data analytics. It allows you to easily view each location on a map along with a detailed breakdown of which assets you have there and how much you’re spending.

Now, instead of utilizing valuable employee resources to track this information manually, you can quickly and easily view your various locations with the click of a mouse. It gives you the ability to narrow down costs, pinpoint problem spending areas in your organization and track your assets all BY LOCATION. Ultimately, as with all of the SpikeFli Analytics software features, the mapping tool will help you manage your budget more efficiently, lower your costs and increase your cash flow.

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