SpikeFli Analytics. –introduces Visual Organizational Chart reporting

SpikeFli Analytics. –introduces Visual Organizational Chart reporting

Heather PaulsMay. 2, 2016

SpikeFli Analytics. –introduces Visual Organizational Chart reporting

CALGARY, Alberta – May 17th, 2016.

Having just launched their Telecom & IT Vendor Expense Management, DIY subscription packages in early February, SpikeFli is proving that they’re not interested in being anything but an industry leader, and are committed to continual development of their offering.

‘It’s not enough to bury our clients in spreadsheets of big data that people won’t read. It’s overwhelming. Nothing resonates, and nothing changes’ says Heather Pauls, President. ‘Instead, SpikeFli is focused on changing the way that big data is viewed; making it easier to relate to; analyze, assess and most importantly, to action.’

Their latest addition is the Visual Org-Chart; a visual representation of the client’s own corporate organizational chart, focusing not only on the hierarchy of the company, but on the telecom & IT costs associated to individuals and their departments.

The Org Chart can automatically sync with various HR reporting programs (ie: Active Directory), to track employees and associated costs as they move through various departments of the company. Or, it can be completed manually by the client,  within their account management settings.  

As always, the Managers’ accounts are filtered so that only the costs associated with their level of access can be displayed. The analytics and reporting are specific to each, and are fully printable with departmental allocation.

The Visual Organizational Chart is a valuable tool regardless of how big or small your company is.  As such, its available to all level of subscription packages offered by SpikeFli.  For as little as $100 a month a business will know instantly which areas of their business require the most focus and attention.  

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SpikeFli Analytics Corp. is a privately owned corporation in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, providing, access to Business Intelligence that has traditionally been controlled by the telecommunications and IT vendor industry. SpikeFli clients are able to GET CONTROL of telecom and Information Technology spending with analytics that predict, explain and save on vendor costs. Instantly.



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